Shortly after being medically discharged from the Canadian Army, I created The Sentinel to fulfill one of my life’s goal — write analysis and give my opinion on military and foreign affairs. After serving my country for more than 14 years, The Sentinel is my way of keeping my head “into the game”.

During my time as an infantryman, I deployed to Afghanistan — alongside the ANA (OMLT) — and Haiti as well as participating in numerous multinational exercises. Throughout my career, I acquired a lot of field experience and I believe it really helps me bring a different perspective in my analysis. By spending weeks at a time in the field — and learning a lot of different things — I was able to think rationally while being sleep deprived and under constant stress.

Nowadays, the combat experience I acquired in Afghanistan makes me understand the true nature of war and the effect it has on people.

I love details and I want to include as much as possible without making my article TL;DR. That said, I believe it is important to being such details into articles for people to fully understand the capabilities of weapons and how it can affect the battlefield.

As for foreign affairs, I believe my military experience gives me a whole new perspective since my “boots on the ground” experience is a direct result of foreign affairs.

I am fully bilingual in French and English, and I am currently learning Russian at the Laval University.

The Sentinel mainly focuses on Russia and Canada. However, I will sometimes write on other issues if I deem them interesting or important.

— Jonathan Wade, CD