Canada To Extend Mission in Iraq

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will tell the Parliament he intends to extend the current mission in Iraq for another year today.

Canadian F/A-18 Hornet participating in the coalition air campaign against ISIL.
Canadian F/A-18 Hornet participating in the coalition air campaign against ISIL.

The one-year extension will confirm Canadian support over the elections next fall. Canada intends to keep approximately 600 soldiers in the region. These soldiers are mostly deployed to support the F/A-18s bombings. Canadian Special Operations is also deployed to advise and assist the Iraq security forces.

Adding to that, Harper will also present the possibility of enlarge the current mission into Syria.

The mission will include the continuation of the bombing campaign by Canadian F/A-18 Hornets and the training of Iraqi and Kurdish troops by Canadian Special Operations operators.

Canadian Special Forces have been playing a vital role in guiding the coalition’s bombing thus keeping the collateral damage at the lowest possible.

The Conservative government will pass the motion in the chamber later this week.

The current mission against ISIL is ending on April 7th and Canada has confirmed it will not stand on the sidelines against the Jihadi groups.

The Canadian population is strongly in favour of an intervention against ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

Earlier this month, Sgt. Andrew Doiron, from the Canadian Special Operations Regiment, was killed by Kurdish friendly fire. The death of Sgt. Doiron brought many questions about the role of Canada’s Special Operations on the ground.

The Canadian NDP and Liberal Parties will vote against the extension of the mission. However, the Conservative government has a majority thus confirming the extension of the mission.

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