City of Light Under Siege

Parisians Flee Gunfire in Paris.

For the 2nd time this year Paris is the victim of a terrorist attack. Reports a filtering in through the confusion of a concerted and highly coordinated attack in the City of Light. Under the cover of crowds attending the Stade de France for the Football international between France and Germany alleged 2 IS terrorists detonated suicide vests causing consternation while 2 shooter teams attacked other venues including a restaurant. At the time of writing there are reports of gunfire still echoing in Eastern Paris. What we do now at this point is that the attack appears to be coordinated at least 40 people reported to have been killed in French capital attacks:

  • Shootout at Bataclan concert hall, now the scene of a hostage situation.
  • Another shootout happened at 10th arrondissement restaurant
  • Fans pour on to pitch after explosions outside France v Germany game at Stade de France.
The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, commonly abbreviated GIGN

In a classic terrorist style action the explosion appears to have been used to get football fans to exit the stadium to increase confusion, as they launched their attack. Utilizing the confusion to negate the Police response times. No doubt French Police and Military units such as GIGN, RAID and CRS as well as other units will be en-route to the scene.

In an outpouring of support Parisians are taking in people who cannot use the subway to get home as Paris is locked down by the security services. Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged UK support and President Obama has offered US support to its ‘oldest ally.’

No group has yet claimed responsibility, it is suspected IS affiliates are responsible.

Update: Reports are filtering in that GIGN have engaged terrorists.

23:33 Agence France-Presse French Counter Terrorist Units storm Bataclan concert venue.

23:56 Bataclan operation over – reports:

Casualties in Paris.
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