FSB Bust Group Making Fake Passport for IS

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) conducted a raid resulting in taking 14 suspects into custody. An international criminal group was forging Russian and other Commonwealth of Independent State (CIS) passport for Islamic State and other terrorist organization’s militants.

A joint operation between the FSB and Interior Ministry in the Moscow region gathered enough evidence to arrest the 14 suspects, according to the FSB. During the search, a large amount of forged documents, forms, stamps, special equipment for fake papers’ production, as well as extremist literature was found. Other organization’s secret printing presses and laboratories has been found resulting in shutting down sales and distribution of fake documents.

The agents were most likely from the famous FSB Special Purpose Center (TsSN FSB) USO “C” group, FSB’s counter-terrorism task force.

FSB Special Purpose Center (TsSN FSB) Alfa group raiding a Moscow apartment during the operation.
FSB Special Purpose Center (TsSN FSB) USO “C” group raiding a Moscow apartment during the operation.

According to RT, “the members of the criminal group have been taking extreme precautionary measures. They constantly changed their place of residence and used undercover communications’ tools, including software enabling them to hide personal data while surfing the web, the FSB reported.”

The FSB now believes all the members of the criminal groups are under custody. The fake documents were destined to terrorist who intended to go for in Syria as well as to returning terrorist militants who went abroad to fight for Islamic State.

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Jonathan Wade, CD

Jonathan Wade is the director of the ‘The Sentinel Analytical Group’ and a decorated veteran of the Canadian Forces. Specialized in tactical, strategic, intelligence and geopolitics analysis, Jonathan has a fondness for technical details. His military experience brought him valuable insight on the realities of conflicts and war. A combat veteran of Afghanistan, Jonathan brings in in-theatre experience. Jonathan writes about Russia, Canada and Arctic.