Lake Chad Islands: 30 Dead in Triple Suicide Attack

At least 30 people were killed and 80 wounded in a triple suicide attack on the island of Koulfoua, Reuters reported citing security sources. Koulfoua is in the Lake Chad Islands.

Although Boko Haram has yet to claim the attack, the Lake Chad Islands is one of their main bastion in the region. Nigeria, along Chad and Cameroon has push the militants in the region after successful operations.

The attack was most likely planned in advance since it was conducted on the market day where many civilians gather to buy and sell goods.

Lake Chad refugees
Lake Chad Islands refugees fleeing Boko Haram.

Chad imposed state of emergency earlier last month when Boko Haram, through two female suicide bombers, attacked a Mosque in Cameroon. The day before, Haram’s militant who were staged in the Lake Chad Islands, killed two Chadians in a similar attacks.


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