Leader of Self-Proclaimed Caucasus Emirate Killed in Daghestan

In less than 4 months, Russian special forces killed the last two leaders of the Caucasus Emirate. Last April, Russian Spetsnaz killed Aliaskhab Kebekov, also known as Ali Abu Mukhammad al-Dagestani, in Buynaksk, Republic of Daghestan, Russia.

Abu-Usman Gimrinsky became leader of the Caucasus Emirate in May 2015.
Abu-Usman Gimrinsky became leader of the Caucasus Emirate in May 2015.

On August 11, Russian operatives killed Magomed Suleimanovin, the appointed leader of the Emirate after the death of Kebekov, along three other militants in Daghestan’s Untsukul district. The pro-militant website Kavkazcenter.com also confirmed that Suleimanovin, also known as Abu Usman Gimrinsky, became a martyr on August 11.

Russian FSB operators in Daghestan
Russian FSB operators in Daghestan

Russia has conducted more special operations in the North Caucasus recently. Their modus operandi has clearly been modified, enabling them to conduct more successful operations.

The North Caucasus has become Russia’s region where violence has quickly risen.Drug trafficking soared in the region in the last few years, mostly due to the new wave of terrorism.

The fighting between Russian special operations and the Caucasus Emirate intensified and the Islamic State is quickly spreading its militants in the North Caucasus. The Islamic State have a recent surge of recruits moving away from the Emirate, however.

Although Russia has conducted counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations in North Caucasus, the Caucasus Emirate and the Islamic State are quickly gaining popularity in the region.

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