NATO Ex Joint Warrior 15-1 Underway

Royal Marines Commando participating in NATO Ex Joint Warrior
Royal Marines Commando participating in NATO Ex Joint Warrior

NATO Ex Joint Warrior 15-1 is now underway! More than 55 warships and submarines, 70 aircrafts and around 13,000 personel from 15 participating countries are taking part in the bi-annual exercise.

From 11-24 April, the participating soldiers will engage in naval, aerial and ground operations. The exercise provides complex coordinated training at the joint level, increasing interoperability between Allied forces and providing valuable experience integrating land, air, and maritime forces.

“This exercise is a unique opportunity for us to work with our Allied shipmates,” said Lieutenant Commander Matthew Hamm, USS VICKSBURG’s operations officer. “For most U.S. Sailors, our training and qualifications are done with other U.S. Navy ships; multinational exercises like this help our Sailors learn how to cooperate and excel with other navies in a challenging and multidimensional environment.”

“Joint Warrior is a very good opportunity to showcase the interoperability skills we as an Alliance maritime force are always perfecting,” said Captain Gennaro Carola, SNMG2 Chief of Staff. “With this exercise we have a chance to work together on a large scale and to implement all of the lessons learned from our previous exercises. It will be an exciting and busy time at sea.”

According to the NATO press release, “NATO’s Standing Naval Forces will test their anti-air and anti-submarine warfare skillsets, as well as conducting mine counter-measures training in advance of amphibious landings.”

Warships and submarines taking part in NATO Ex Joint Warrior
Warships and submarines taking part in NATO Ex Joint Warrior

Canada’s participation to NATO Ex Joint Warrior

The Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force have deployed assets to Joint Warrior.

CAF assets in NATO Ex Joint Warrior
CAF assets in NATO Ex Joint Warrior

The HMCS Fredericton is sailing with the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) along the USS Vicksburg, TCG Goksu and FGS Spessart.

NATO Ex Joint Warrior is a bi-annual military exercises led by the United Kingdom. Ex Joint Warrior is also NATO’s way of flexing its muscles against Russia.

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