Northern Fleet receives Bastion mobile coastal missile systems

Russia’s Northern Fleet have received new Bastion mobile coastal missile systems. Armed with P-800 Yakhont anti-ship cruise missiles, it can hit targets at up to 300 km.

Vadim Serga, Russia’s Northern Fleet spokesman, said that “the independent rocket-artillery brigade has begun rearming with the new Bastion coastal defense missile systems. The military units have already received two sets of the coastal defense missile systems.”

The Brigade is set to take part in the first Bastion-related exercises this year in the Barents Sea. Used since 2010, the Bastion mobile coastal missile systems have been designed to protect Russian warships from enemy squadrons and convoys. While docked, Russia’s vessels are sitting targets and the addition of new Bastion systems will keep enemy at bay.

P-800 Yakhont specifications

A P-800 Oniks fitted to a Su-33 carrier-based naval fighter
A P-800 Yakhont can be fitted to a Su-33 carrier-based naval fighter
  • Length: 8.9 m
  • Diameter: 0.7 m
  • Wingspan: 1.7 m
  • Weight: 3,100 kg
  • Speed at altitude: 750 m/s (Mach 2.6)
  • Surface speed: Mach 2
  • Engine: ramjet, weight 200 kg, 4 tons of thrust
  • Range: 120–300 km
  • for the combined trajectory (hi-lo) – 300 km
  • for low-altitude trajectory(lo-lo) – 120 km
  • Flight altitude of 10,000–14,000 m
  • Warhead: 250 kg
  • Period of storage: 7 years[11]
  • Fuel: kerosene T-6

Radar homing head

  • all-weather monopulse active-passive, with frequency hopping
  • Immunity: high, from active spoofing, dipole clouds
  • Range: 50 km active[12]
  • Launchable sea state – up to 7 points
  • Warm-up time from power on: no more than 2 min
  • Current consumption at 27 V circuit: up to 38 A
  • Maximum angle of the target search: ± 45 °
  • Homing weight: 85 kg

Earlier in 2015, some Bastion mobile coastal missile systems were positioned in Crimea to demonstrate Russia’s intention to fully protect the peninsula. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the deployment of the Bastions in Crimea.


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