Putin: Moskva Will Cooperate with French Navy

Russian Atlant-class Moskva Missile Cruiser
Russian Slava-class Moskva Missile Cruiser

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the Slava-class Moskva missile cruiser to establish contact with French warships and work with them as allies.

“We need to work out a plan with them of joint sea and air actions,” Putin told military chiefs.

Vladimir Putin told Oleg Krivorog, who heads the Russian naval unit protecting the airbase in Syria hosting Russian warplanes, about the French Carrier battle group.

“A French naval group led by an aircraft carrier will soon enter your area of operations. It is necessary to establish direct contact with the French and work with them as allies.”

Vladimir Putin and French President François Hollande agreed on intelligence and military cooperation over a telephone conversation.

Hollande is visiting Moscow on November 26. Both Presidents agreed to meet and further discuss the fight against terrorism, especially against Daesh in Syria.

“To continue personal dialogue on the fight against terrorism as well as other relevant topics during a meeting in Moscow on November 26,” according to statement made by the Kremlin.

Hollande will also meet U.S. President Barrack Obama on his visit to Washington on November 24. Hollande wishes that Russia and the United States join forces against terrorism.

(Guy Toremans)

The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will set sail on November 19 and reach its destination a few days after. It will be the sole carrier in the region. Although the Charles de Gaulle has already been planned to join the U.S.-led coalition before the November 13 Paris attacks, her presence will reinforce Paris’ will to seek revenge for their losses.

The Moskva could join the Charles de Gaulle Carrier battle group, reinforcing its cooperation against Daesh and sending a message to the world community that everyone—regardless of political differences—has to join efforts against terrorism.

The Moskva missile cruiser 

The ‘Moskva’ has been recommissioned in 2000 after a 17-years service under the name of ‘Slava’. Currently serving as the flag ship of the Black Sea Fleet, the Moskva joined the Fleet in 1983 as it was commissioned for the first time.

Slava-class Moskva Missile Cruiser
Slava-class Moskva Missile Cruiser




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