Putin To Help Palestine Become An Independent State

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed that Russia will help Palestine to become an independent state. Putin told the Arab League summit participants that he will work with the Palestinians to establish their capital in East Jerusalem.

Israel - Palestine peace talks are necessary for the stability in the region.
Israel – Palestine peace talks are necessary for the stability in the region.

According to Sputnik International, Putin confirmed he will contribute to the establishment of an independent state: “Russia will continue contributing to the attainment of this goal [Palestine’s independence], working through bilateral channels and through multilateral channels, including in the ‘Quartet’ of international mediators,” Putin said.

The Quartet of international mediators, established in 2002, is comprised of the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia. Its primary task is to help the Israel-Palestine peace talks and give them guidance and support. The mission of the Quartet is that a long-term peace agreement is reached between Israel and Palestine.

Putin said he would back the Palestinian UN statehood bid and would support a resolution made the UN security council for the withdrawal of Israeli troops to the 1967 lines by 2017.

However, according to the Times of Israel, US Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed the United States will not support such a resolution: “US Secretary of State John Kerry has stated that Washington does not support the resolution in its current format, but has maintained Washington’s support for a two-state solution and hinted that the US could support alternative wording.”

Sputnik International also wrote that Putin wants better cooperation to ensure successful peace talks: “The Russian president stressed on Saturday the need for closer cooperation between the Quartet and the Arab League, and highlighted Moscow’s readiness to cooperate with the league further.”

Palestine is claiming that the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, as well as on the Gaza Strip should be included in its independent state.

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