Russia, China to Train in South China Sea

Warships from the Russian Pacific Fleet is expected to conduct a joint training with the Chinese Naval Forces in the South China Sea in September.

Admiral Tributs Udaloy-class destroyer © ITAR-TASS/Vladimir Sayapin
Admiral Tributs Udaloy-class destroyer © ITAR-TASS/Vladimir Sayapin

Code-named Joint Sea 2016, the joint naval exercise will consist of joint maneuvering, anti-subversion, antisubmarine, anti-aircraft, and anti-ship defence and have done preparatory artillery firing at aerial and sea-based targets, Capt. Matveyev said.

Captain 2nd Rank Vladimir Matveyez, chief press officer of the Eastern Military District for the Pacific Fleet, said that three Russian ships will partake in the major exercise.

“At the beginning of September, a detachment consisting of the big antisubmarine ships Admiral Tributs and Admiral Vinogradov, the big amphibious ship Peresvet, the sea towboat Alatau, and the tanker Pechenga will head for Zhanjiang in China,” Capt. Matveyev said.

“From September 11 through to September 19, the ship crew will take part in the Joint Sea 2016 wargames of the Chinese Naval Force that will be held on the coast and in the water area of the South China Sea,” Matveyev added.

Second joint training in the region in two years

In 2015, both Navies held a joint naval exercise in the Sea of Japan where 22 vessels, 20 aircraft, 40 armoured vehicles and 500 marines from Russian and China actively took part in the ‘Joint Sea 2015 II’ drills.

Landing craft deploy PLA Marines during Joint Sea 2015 II. Chinese MoD Photo
Landing craft deploy PLA Marines during Joint Sea 2015 II. Chinese MoD Photo

“During the active phase of the maritime maneuvers to last till August 27, the sailors work out the issues of join anti-sabotage, anti-submarine, anti-vessel and anti-aircraft defense. Besides that there’ll be gunnery drills with different types of surface, underwater and aerial targets,” Roman Martov, Russia’s Eastern Military District spokesman, said as cited by TASS.

It is the fifth time Russian and Chinese navies holds this joint exercise. Aimed at improving interoperability and improving their response against threats at sea, it also sends a clear message to both Japan and the US Navy about the current geopolitical situation in the region.

The Russian Pacific Fleet also held artillery, torpedo firing drills in Sea of Okhotsk prior to the Joint Sea 2016 deployment.


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