Russia Enhance EW in Crimea

Russia is deploying its most powerful electronic warfare (EW) system in Crimea. The Murmansk-BN can and will monitor NATO activities in both the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

Developed by KRET, the Murmansk-BN is the world’s most powerful long-range electronic warfare system. It has a cover radius of more than 3,000 km and its primary target is the West’s High Frequency Global Communications System (HFGCS).

Murmansk-BN EW system is being deployed to Crimea.
Murmansk-BN EW system is being deployed to Crimea.

The High Frequency Global Communications System (HFGCS) is used by the United States to communicate with aircraft in flight, ground stations and even some U.S. Navy ships sailing worldwide. All communication sites using the HFGCS are remotely controlled from Andrews Air Force Base and Grand Forks Air Force Base. It is operating on a network of single sideband shortwave transmitters.

Russia is currently developing its national strategic electronic warfare system and the Murmansk-BN will be part of it once deemed operational.

The Murmansk-BN was first introduced in April 2016 according to the Russian Defence Ministry. Deploying the Murmansk-BN was enhance Russia’s A2/AD in Crimea significantly by providing new communication jamming capabilities.

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