Russia Fires First Kalibr From Mediterranean

The B-237 ‘Rostov-on-Don’ has fired its first Kalibr cruise missiles from the Mediterranean, off the coast of Syria. The successful launch was conducted on December 8.

The missiles “targeted two major terrorist positions in the territory of Raqqa,” Russia Today quoted Shoigu as telling Putin. “We can say with absolute confidence that significant damage has been inflicted upon ammunition warehouses and a mine production plant, as well as the oil infrastructure.”

“For the first time an underwater salvo launch of the sea-based Kalibr missiles has been made by the Rostov-on-Don submarine from the Mediterranean Sea. The recent launch was carried out from submerged position from the submarine’s torpedo tubes,”Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Wednesday.

Targeting Islamic State infrastructure, the Kalibr successfully destroyed its target.

“The available objective monitoring data have once again confirmed high efficiency of the Kalibr missile. All the targets were hit with high accuracy. It should be reminded that the range of the Kalibr cruise missiles is about 2,000 kilometers,” the defence spokesman said.

According to Defense News, the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, posted on its Facebook page that “for the first time from an underwater position, a combined launch [of four] Kalibr sea-based cruise missiles was carried out by the submarine Rostov-on-Don,” the statement said. “It resulted in the destruction of two important command points for the IS terrorist organization in Rakka province.”

The Rostov-on-Don can be equipped with the Kalibr cruise missile sea-skimming 3M54 version, reaching targets up to 600km with a 440 lb warhead. Another version of the missile, the 3M14, can reach targets up to 2,500km with a 900 lb warhead.

The improved Kilo-class submarines has been dubbed one of the quietest submarines in the world. It was dubbed the ‘Black Hole’ by NATO due to its ability to remain undetected.The Rostov-on-Don is the first submarines of the third generation of the Varshavyanka class (Project 636) subs and can sail in shallow water due to its relatively small size.



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