Russian FSB Kills 10 Terrorists Near Georgian Border

Russian special forces killed 10 ISIL-linked terrorists near the Georgian border. Russia’s Anti-Terrorism Committee explained that the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) and Internal Troops of the Ministry for Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (MVD RF) killed 10 militants who swore allegiance to Islamic State in an operation in Georgia.

FSB operative
FSB operative

“During the active phase of a special operation [FSB and MVD RF] near Nalchik, according to preliminary information, 10 militants were neutralized,” Interfax reported the committee as saying.

“They were all members of armed groups that had sworn allegiance to the international terrorist organization ISIL.”

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev appealed to countries with a large population of Muslims, including Russia, to unite and fight against Islamic State.

Russian special forces operators
Russian special forces operators

The operation started at 8 a.m. in the Cherek Nalchik municipal district where ISIL-linked militants—ukryvshimisya bandits—opened fire after the Russian security forces proposition to lay down their weapons was quickly refused.

Russian operatives quickly neutralized the 10 militants, confirming that all the killed militants were in fact supporters of ISIL.

The Russian special forces discovered a bunker where the militants were planning a series of attacks in North Caucasus, including the use of improvised explosive devices (IED) in crowded areas. Mines were laid around the bunker to delay any approach. A significant amount of ammunition, weapons, and ready-to-use IEDs were found and defused by the FSB IED group.

No civilians or Russian security forces were killed or injured during the operation.

It is believed the group was smuggling civilians from Syria to get them to take part in the activities of the group.


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