Russia’s 200th IMRB To Receive Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicles

The 200th Independent Motor Rifle Brigade, based at Pechanga, Murmansk Oblast, will receive new snow vehicles – the russian-made TTM-4902PS-10.

The TTM-4902PS-10 is a two-section tracked amphibious all-terrain vehicle that has a load-carrying capacity of up to 4,000 kg in off-road conditions. It is able to work through snow, loose sand, swamps of all categories and deep rivers.

The TTM-4902PS-10 undergoing extensive tests
The TTM-4902PS-10 undergoing extensive tests

The fact that it can get through almost anything—and in pretty much any weather— is enabling Russian soldiers or cargo to be quickly moved and relocated. With many small islands in the Russian Arctic, the TTM-4902PS-10 will offer a safe new alternative to conduct ground operations, such as mechanized attacks, on a year-round basis.

The first section is a power module which can load up to 500 kg, carry 6 soldiers and has 2 full beds. The second section is a passenger module that can carry 16 soldiers and has 6 beds.

The TTM-4902PS-10 second section and its 6 beds
The TTM-4902PS-10 second section and its 6 beds

The added beds also mean the TTM-4902PS-10 could be use as ambulances or search-and-rescue vehicles. The Russians would also be able to convert them into mobile headquarters vehicles, giving them the ability to set up forward-operating command centers.

The vehicle was able to successfully pass the rigorous tests required by the Russian Armed Forces near the Kola Region. Improvements were also made by the manufacturer due to the harsh Arctic climate. It can now work in weather going from -50°C and 50°C, giving it an operational range of 100°C.

With a maximum speed of 48 km/h on land and 5 km/h afloat, the TTM-4902PS-10 will be a great asset for the growing need of Arctic vehicles by the Russian military. Russian soldiers who are already truck drivers will be able to easily operate the TTM-4902PS-10 since it resembles a truck in terms of operation.

The Northern Fleet has not published the amount of TTM-4902PS-10 it will acquire but it is foreseeable to see this new all-terrain vehicle becoming one of their main means of transportation during Russian Arctic operations.

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