Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov Starts Exercise in Barents Sea

Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier
Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier

Russian Navy flagship “Admiral Kuznetsov” is presently undergoing exercises in the Barents Sea. Russia’s sole aircraft carrier, the Kuznetsov will go through two stages of exercises.

The first one will include radiotechnical armament. On-board computers, airborne electronic systems, avionic sighting systems and optoelectronic aircraft systems should be tested during stage one. Anti-submarine system and sensors will most likely put to test aswell. The ship’s radars “include a D/E-band air and surface target acquisition radar, an F-band surface search radar, G/H-band flight control radar, I-band navigation radar, and four K-band fire control radars for the Kashstan air defence gun / missile system.”

The second includes live firing at aerial targets by Northern Fleet aircraft. The Admiral Kuznetsov can carry up to fourteen Sukhoi Su-33 as well as four Su-25. The Su-33 will conduct air-to-air exercises has it was designed as an air superiority fighter. Pilots will have the opportunity to shoot at imitated aerial targets.

Sukhoi Su-33 on Admiral Kuznetsov.
Sukhoi Su-33 on Admiral Kuznetsov.

The Su-33 carry 6 Vympel R-27R/T/ET/EM and 4 Vympel R-73 air-to-air missiles. Its 30mm GSh-30-1 cannon can also fire 150 rounds.

Russia’s sole aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, docked in Northern Russia to undergo a series of inspections and repairs last May. It was put back in service in October of the same year.

Next month, the Russian Navy flagship will celebrate its 30 years anniversary on the water.


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