Russian Navy Commander Viktor Chirkov Resigns

Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Viktor Chirkov has handed in resignation for health reasons, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed on Monday.

Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Viktor Chirkov
Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Viktor Chirkov.

“The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that Northern Fleet Commander Admiral Vladimir Korolev now performs the duties of the Navy’s acting commander. Admiral Viktor Chirkov has decided to send in resignation for health reasons,” the ministry’s press service says.

Two weeks ago, Admiral Chirkov handed his resignation due to its health not allowing him to serve as the Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief.

“Chirkov handed in resignation for health reasons due to which he cannot perform the commander’s duties around two weeks ago. Admiral Vladimir Korolev who is now acting commander-in-chief is expected to be appointed Navy’s new commander-in-chief,” a TASS source said.

Admiral Viktor Chirkov was appointed the Russian Navy’s commander-in-chief in May 2012. Prior to that, since 2009, he had been commander of Russia’s Baltic Fleet.

Northern Fleet Commander to take over Admiral Viktor Chirkov’s command

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Korolev
Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Korolev.

Northern Fleet Commander Vladimir Korolev will most likely take Chirkov’s role as Commander-in-Chief. The appointment will be announced in the beginning of April.

Admiral Vladimir Korolev has been acting Commander-in-Chief since January after Chirkov went through a minor surgery.

Here’s a short biography of Admiral Korolev.

Born on 1 February 1955. In 1977 he graduated from the Higher Naval School named after M.V. Frunze and was directed to the Northern Fleet. Aboard nuclear-powered submarines (NPS) of the Northern Fleet he went a long way from the commander of electro-navigational group of ship navigation department to the ship commanding officer.

In 1987 he graduated from the Higher Special Officer Classes of the Navy, in 1995 — from the Naval Academy named after Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union N.G. Kuznetsov.

Successively held the positions of the deputy commander of nuclear-powered submarines’ formation, the department chief, and later the chief of the Service of anti-submarine warfare of the Operational Administration of the Northern Fleet’s Staff.
He commanded division, naval base, nuclear-powered submarines’ squadron of the Northern Fleet.

From November 2007 — the Deputy Commander of the Northern Fleet.

From August 2009 — the Chief of Staff / First Deputy Commander of the Northern Fleet.

From July 2010 — the Commander of the Black Sea Fleet.

By the RF Presidential Decree of 24 June 2011 he has been appointed the Commander of the Northern Fleet.

Personal decorations: the Order of Merit for the Fatherland 4th grade, the Order of Military Merit, the Order of Service to the Homeland in the USSR’s Armed Forces 3rd grade, the Medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland 2nd grade and a number of other Medals.


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